Dr. Amit Khasat (PhD, PGDDE, PGDCN)

Dr. Amit Khasat is a renowned Dietetics consultant specializing in fat loss, weight management, Diabetes reversals, Cancer nutrition, cholesterol reduction, IBS management, renal nutrition, PCOS treatment, and hormone balance restoration.

With a Doctorate in Life Sciences and postgraduate diplomas in Diabetes, Cancer Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, and Gastro Nutrition, Dr. Khasat possesses extensive knowledge in these areas. He combines evidence-based nutritional science with personalized plans to empower individuals in achieving their health goals.

Dr. Khasat’s expertise in targeted fat loss helps clients reach their desired weight and physique.

He offers guidance on managing diabetes and cancer through optimized nutrition. His strategies for reducing cholesterol levels, managing IBS, providing renal nutrition, and addressing hormonal imbalances etc

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Experienced Dietetics Consultant

Dr Amit With over 7 years of experience, He is a trusted dietetics consultant in the field of dietetics. With a focus on therapeutic nutrition, He provides personalized guidance to address specific health concerns. His expertise and dedication have earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional care.

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At Well Wise Health, We are confidence is being your reliable choice for individual nutrition advice and dietetic services. We stand out because of our dedication to excellence and continuous concern for your well-being.

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Transforming Lives Through Healthy Choices

Choose Dr. Amit Khasat for expert dietetic consultant services and embark on a journey towards better health. Visit his clinic or book virtual appointment and experience the transformative impact of personalized nutrition care.

Dr. Amit Khasat


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Experienced Dietetics Consultant

7+ Years of experience in empowering healthier lives, who help you to achieve your fitness goals.

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We are here to provide you customized dietary and nutritional solutions according to your requirement.

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We assured that, you will get proven results with our nutritional expertise and solutions.

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Experience the progressive in nutritional advancement with our modern nutritional techniques for your health.

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weight Management
(Loss or Gain)

We realise achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an everyday goal for an individual. whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, our weight management services offer customised solutions according to individual goals.

Diabetes Management

At Well Wise Health, We specialise in offering customised diets to patients which are aid in blood sugar management. In order to ensure a balanced approach to diabetes control through correct nutrition.

Hypertension Management

At Well Wise Health, Our hypertension management services are made to offer comprehensive plans for controlling your blood pressure and reducing the risks that come with it, for the sake of general health and wellbeing, you need to live a healthier life.


We understand the importance of managing hyperlipidemia (high lipid levels) for manintaining heart health. our services to manage hyperlipidemia are personlised to target interventions, we aim to empower you to achieve optimal lipid control and provide support to your cardiovascular well being.

Gut Problem

At Well Wise Health, Understand the struggle of gut problems can have on your overall health. we are providing gut health solutions to emphasize on comprehensive management for various digestive disorders, also offering personalized approaches to address gut problem and promote optimal digestive functions.

Anemia Management

Our experienced team of healthcare  professionals understand the impact of anemia on your energy levels and overall health, we help you to regain vitality and provide you personalised solution to restore healthy red blood cell.

Harmonal Problem

Now a days Harmonal imbalances is a common problem and it widely varies from person to person. we understand the impact of harmonal imbalance, our aim to help you to achieve optimal harmonal health.

Thyroid Management

We understand the thyroid imbalances can manifest in many ways and have many hidden causes. we at Well Wise Health providing comprehensive strategies to optimize thyroid functions and reduce the symptoms associated with thyroid imbalances.

Cancer Dietary Management

We know the importance of nutrition during cancer treatment and its impact on overall health. our cancer dietary management services focus on providing personalise approaches to support optimal nutrition with our expert guidance.

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Happy Stories

Promoting vibrant health through personalized nutrition plans!
Dr.Amit’s approach towards patients is very friendly and unique. He helps to keep me motivated and understand my dietary needs. He makes sure that I don’t starve and don’t have to deprive myself of my favourite food and still continue on my journey of weight management . He is approachable and gives the best advice in each situation! All the best !!
Nimisha Chhabra
Dr. Amit is a game changer.. he has changed the way i think about food and my health. He is not only a great doctor but also a superb human being. His follow ups and genuine concern for each patient is his USP. He is helping me and lot of my known friends with the weight loss and side by side he also treats the underlying diseases like diabetes. I would strongly recommend him to everyone who needs a change in their lifestyle and who wants to love themselves !!
Ritika Mathur
I started my journey before 2 months ago and I lost 10 kg. He gave me a perfect diet plan and it helped me a lot. Few months ago I tried it by myself but I am unable to do it. Dr. Amit helped me to reduce my weight. Most importantly now my regular mensues are back. I am still on this diet would love to continue to reduce some more. Thank you Dr. Amit Khasat to help in my weight loss journey...😊!!
Prachi Maheshwari
I have been in contact with him for past one month and he has totally impacted my equation with food in a great way. He is so passionate, determined and dedicated towards his work. He is always in the loop and has a brilliant follow up on everyday basis. He monitors your sleep, walk, food intake on daily basis. Most importantly he knows his subject and deals with your underlying issues. He is a Life coach in a real sense !!
Arti Chharia
Dr Amit makes you loose weight scientifically, he not only made me loose weight but also helped me reduce my blood sugar . He is very very good !!
Sangeeta Chauhan

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